Window Glass Films

We now offer a complete range of window glass films, from solar to safety glass we can cover it. We only ever use PVC material which is durable, weatherproof and able to last for years.

Below are samples of the types of film applications we handle on a regular basis.

External Reflective Window Film

External films are of weather resistant construction, having additional UV barriers to help protect the film from degrading through exposure to sunshine, and also having a strong waterproof adhesive. We particularly use them when inside access is not always possible or depending on the glass, laminated, Georgian-wired, heavy tinted glass or some double or tripled glazing.

This external film is available in 4 colours.

Translucent Coloured Vinyl

MACal 9700 Pro Vinyls are a unique and creative way to add privacy to your rooms, while still allowing plenty of natural light into the room.

They are manufactured in such a way as to guarantee uniform colour reproduction.

Opalux Frosted

Translucent privacy screening films are used to give two-way privacy while still allowing a good level of natural light in through the window. The Privacy frosted vinyls can be plotter cut into any design or logo for your unique setting

The frosting is available in 9 different colourways.

Coloured Tints

The Opalux Art Colours are a brilliant way to give a striking effect to any glass.

These tinted films are a great decorative lm as they maintain the optical clarity.

From Amber to Voilet, we have a range of 15 colourways.

Safely glass impact films

Clear Safety Glass

External Safety films are mainly used where both interior and exterior films have been specified for application to both sides of the glazing units for extra strength and protection. This could be for any number of reasons to provide a double protection safety or security application. A regular use of these exterior films is to hold glass together where there is a history of spontaneous shattering of glazing units in overhead or vertical situations creating a severe and unpredictable risk to the public.

Internal Reflective Window Film

Reflective films are the best performing products in the solar control range as they can make an incredible difference to the amount of solar heat & glare transmitted through glass.

There are 9 colourways available for this window film.

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